We want to follow Jesus. 

If following Jesus means staying in the same place or moving far away, we want to do it. We believe that following Jesus is not going to look like a single grand and world changing gesture. It's going to look like a thousand footsteps of small actions, all made in the name of love. The kind of persistent love that unravels the soul and changes the mind. The kind of love that has no limits, no ends in mind, and counts no cost.  

Wherever we go, whatever we do, we carry the Gospel with us. The Gospel is the news of God's extravagant and never ceasing love for humanity. The pursuit of the hearts of all peoples since the beginning of time. It is the insatiable love that holds nothing back and pursues us into humanity and then to death.


And it is this death and life that we cannot be silent about it. This intent that cannot be forgotten. For what greater act of love could the world receive? And what greater tragedy could the earth ever know than for humanity to miss the heart of the One that did everything. 

The revelation of this still impacts us deeply. We follow Jesus because His love continues to speak to the core of who we are. He is always speaking. And we are learning to hear His Voice. 

| John 10:27-28 | 1 Corinthians 13:1-10 | John 3:16-21 | Luke 9:23-25 |