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July 5, 2017

I cannot begin to explain the thrill of seeing the wonders of God in Church! It is so amazing, I hardly believe that anyone who would believe me. But after last Sunday's Combined Service, if you don't believe me, just ask all the Church sitting on the beach!

For me, it all started just over a month ago at the previous Combined Service when we had a guest speaker share after worship and prayer. We were sitting on the beach at Wirruwuy with our mat on the sand and listening to the speaker share about the Jesus and the Samaritan woman. From where I was sitting, I looked past the speaker to the ocean beyond and nearly screamed with surprise shock when I saw splashing in the water. I could not believe my eyes! I was tingly and awe-struck. Thirty or so metres from the shoreline I saw the largest tail fin I have ever seen (in real life) lift out of the water and smash down again with a spray.  I blinked and waited, thinking I had imagined it. Then a few seconds later, it popped up again severa...

July 5, 2017

It is such a privilege to be part of the monthly combined church service. Our wet season just kept going this year so meetings had to wait until it was dry enough. There has been such a positive response for many of the churches across Gove.

Andy from the Uniting Church and Tim have been organising the combined services for the first Sunday of each month, coordinating speakers, musicians, Bible readers, and prayer leaders from various churches. There has been a good crowd of people come to the beach at Wirrawuy so far, and the fellowship has been fantastic! It is such a blessing to be able to be with the local family of Christ and get to know people as they come and go through Gove.

I cannot help but give credit to those over the years who have been ambassadors for unity in the Church. Many people for many years have been praying for greater fellowship and encouragement for the Church in Gove. Our dear friends Michael and Naomi Beath are just one example of humble people who have passi...

July 2, 2017

July 1 is Territory Day. This is our fourth Territory Day and we give thanks to God for His blessing and provision for us to be able to live here at this time!

This is a video of fireworks let off by families in their back yards around town.

Special thanks to Matt Heading from Melbourne who wished us a happy Territory Day. Matt, you are awesome!


June 30, 2017

Over the last 2-3 months, I have been very sick. There hasn't been much that I have been able to do other than to pray and keep going as various little sicknesses kept knocking me down. Sickness is not something I can just deny- that would be lying. But to declare the goodness and power of the Lord- that is what is going to change my present experience and my future.

I am so blessed to have a community of people who have been praying for me and improved health daily. The last few years have been a battle to reclaim the health that God intends for me. Not only is there important work for me to do, but also God desires for me to live in unity. The new Life that I now carry in my spirit because of Christ needs to break forth into my physical being.

Living with sickness (especially sickness that has lasted a long time) is a challenge for any Christian. It is important to investigate what is wrong, to bring this information to God in prayer, and to act. But this path is a difficult one to wal...

June 23, 2017

Video on the way to Bukudal

This track was in excellent condition after such a heavy wet! The roads had just been graded. And yes, there was lots of evidence of buffaloes!

 We drove as the last of four vehicles in a convoy, having the most fantastic time listening to music and keeping in touch via cb radio (Thanks Matt & Jo for the radio for 4wd!)

We had a really lovely night eating freshly cooked fish on the fire (we are not yet skilled enough to catch fish- but our 14 year old yapa kept pulling them in on her handline! I am getting more skilled at killing and gutting fish which is something!)

We had a relaxing morning the next day before we needed to head back for Senior Youth Bible Study on Sunday afternoon. And of course, that's when the adventure really began...

On our way our from Bukudal, we were the only vehicle because we needed to leave early. There was a 15m long bog that we had easily come through the day before (unfortunately not captured on the video above). Easy because we w...

May 19, 2017

After such an incredible increase to the Boys' Bible Study, we prayerfully started a senior mixed Bible Study for school years 9-12. We have been studying Romans for the past few weeks, exploring the Gospel and how it affects our lives. This resource by Tim Keller has been fantastic.

We are so impressed by the maturity and faith shown by these incredible young people! We praise God for their passion for Him and their love for each other. They are true leaders and dedicated followers of Christ. Sunday afternoons are full of lollies, jokes, prayer and study.

As a group, we have been prayerfully asking the Lord to establish a Youth Group in Nhulunbuy and we are excited by the things the Lord has been showing us. We eagerly wait for the timing of a youth group and the establishment of youth leaders. The Lord is doing encouraging things among the senior youth.

May 15, 2017

Maddie in our church felt led by the Lord to start a Youth Band. When the Girls Youth Bible study heard about this idea, we were encouraged and excited! God had been speaking to us for the last twelve months about the topic of worship and calling us deeper in actively glorifying Him. 

With the financial support of our friends, we have been able to use some funds to purchase extra equipment so that the Youth Band can practice. Maddie has been doing a fantastic job leading the group, and it has been encouraging to see the youth develop their skills. More importantly, it has been an encouragement to them as they spend more time worshiping the Lord together (and individually). 

We are excited to see how each person has grown in their abilities to follow and to lead. We love to see the Lord glorified by humble and enthusiastic followers. We look forward to the Youth Band leading many others in worship!

April 19, 2017

Since we were married, we have made it a family tradition to either host or attend a Messianic Passover feast. Tim has always been theatrical. And I have always loved to organise people and food.

The active re-telling of the GREATEST Redemption Story ever told, while eating and sharing with friends and family... well, nothing else comes even close!

This year we were blessed to spend the evening with our church family and very good friends from work.

February 12, 2017

In the time we have been living in Nhulunbuy we have been continually asking God for more clarity about why He called us to Nhulunbuy. Again and again, Tim heard the Lord confirm that he was to work at the local high school. I heard again and again that God wanted me to work in admin at Anglicare. We found so many significant relationships in our workplaces and we have been so blessed to be part of the local community in Nhulunbuy.

Amazing things have been happening across East Arnhemland. MAF missionaries continue to serve the communities by providing services through their aviation projects. The God's Dreaming artwork is being shared in various communities and there are incredible stories of people being healed and encountering Jesus. There are local Yolngu leaders coming together to meet about Jesus' One Way call and there are more stories mass baptisms in communities not far from where we are. We feel really honoured to be here at this time and prayerfully supporting the church...

February 12, 2017

There is nothing quite like saying goodbye to family.

Living in Nhulunbuy for nearly three years has highlighted just how powerful family relationships are. Each time we return to Melbourne's eastern suburbs and spend time with our family, we are reminded by how much time has passed and how much people grow and change. Saying goodbye is bitter-sweet. The deepest relationships cause the deepest sensations.

Nhulunbuy is a very transient town. We learnt very quickly to savour each new friendship. We have met so many amazing people and said goodbye to many more. The young adults Bible study saw a majority changeover of people six times in the nearly three years. In December, we said good-bye to our dear friends Sarah Hayman and Sarah and John Stephen who have been in Nhulunbuy longer than we have. It feels like our family has just moved away.

Again in December, old family friends- the Hamburg family, moved to Darwin. Now we have family in Darwin too.

In January, our beautiful church family sai...

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