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April 1, 2019

It was late and I was tired and hungry.

It had been a long night.  The clean-up was done, the youth leaders had all headed off and I just needed to pack the car and then youth was all done… home… and then bed. 

Maybe a snack?

I had barely eaten anything for dinner in my haste to get out the door… okay snack then bed.


An older Yolŋu man, white hair, dark skin sitting peacefully on the concrete outside of the church. Behind him, a Yolŋu woman asleep on the concrete with a bag under her head as a cushion.

"Yo" I replied

"Have you got any food?"

"Bäyŋu, sorry wawa.  I don't have any food with me." 


I go to turn off the lights and lock up.




I turn to look at him and he pats the concrete next to him.  I comply and sit cross-legged on the ground.

He looks up briefly at the sky and says:

"Jesus said… we should give food to the hungry ones…. Give them food like with separated sheep and goats."

Wow, that was a new one. I had been humbugged before (pressured to give mone...

May 17, 2017

Thank you so much to everyone who has been praying for us and/or helping financially over the last few months as we've transitioned into more focused ministry work!

We were able to catch up with many of you during our trip south earlier in the year, however you may have noticed that the website hasn't been updated in a while.  This is what has been happening:

During Term 1 of the year the local high school was desperate for staff and gave me a lot of employment.  While this was frustrating as we were trying to get numerous projects off the ground it helped us recover a little financially.  The school has now employed some more staff and so Term 2 has allowed for us to really start getting focused on several projects. 

One of the major challenges of the last three years has been Elyce's health.  We still don't have a diagnosis on what it is exactly, however by your prayers and experimenting with diet and medicine, Elyce has been improving for the last three years!  God has been s...

March 7, 2017

Job descriptions can be such a deception!

When we moved from Melbourne to Nhulunbuy in 2014 it was sudden, but also happened amongst a great sense of purpose and calling.  God had been dropping hints (some very blatant) for 3 years that we would be getting much more familiar with the first people of this country, but it still came as a surprise.  

Fast forward three years and we are serving the people in Nhulunbuy (of varied cultures) through our jobs, through community groups, at church and bible studies.  But there are a couple of hurdles that I found working here as 'self-supported missionaries' (i.e. a Christian).  

When we spend a significant portion of our days with people from our work-place interacting about work, our colleagues tend to have a rather work-centric view of us.  This can have a dramatic impact on how we see ourselves.

Charles Horton Cooley was an American sociologist who developed a concept called the 'looking-glass self''.  The theory essentially...

August 15, 2016

New beginnings

 Official Video

July 5, 2016

After living in the Dandenong ranges for years, the relaxed relationship with fire in a place where regular burning off occurs was something that took a while to get used to.

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