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Baptism & Girls Group Bible Study

2016 was an absolutely incredible year.

My amazing friend (and sister) Michaela asked me if she could join the Young Adults Bible Study because she wanted an opportunity to go deeper in her faith and connect with other passionate Christians. After some prayer together, we decided to start another Bible Study just for high school aged girls and Michaela would help me lead it. We had absolutely no idea how much God was going to us all throughout 2016.

During the year, the number of girls attending the group surprised us and we were blessed to see so much growth. We read the Bible, practised praying for each other, and spent a great deal of time waiting on the Lord and learning to listen to His voice. We creatively journalled all things we felt the Lord was saying about us, our community and the year to come. Michaela's passion for people and her determination to ensure that each person was included was remarkable. Her humble efforts to serve and to listen set the tone of the group for the entire year.

During 2016, two lovely girls gave their hearts to Jesus and Michaela decided to get baptized. Michaela boldly shared her testimony about her love of God and how she no longer wanted to live for herself. Hearing Michaela speak was like seeing words of power and fire come forth about the goodness of God. Her surrendered heart was a powerful testimony.

We praise God for what He has done and is continuing to do. It was evident last year that the Lord was using Michaela gently and powerfully and He will continue to do so!

Michaela's baptism is one of my favourite days yet. Thank you Jesus.

This was a particularly significant day for me to be part of Michaela's baptism. Michaela's Dad, John, was in the water with me and my Dad at my baptism 17 years ago. God has really blessed us with knowing and loving this incredible family. They are such a blessing!

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