• Timothy Richards

Why you might not have heard from us recently

Thank you so much to everyone who has been praying for us and/or helping financially over the last few months as we've transitioned into more focused ministry work!

We were able to catch up with many of you during our trip south earlier in the year, however you may have noticed that the website hasn't been updated in a while. This is what has been happening:

During Term 1 of the year the local high school was desperate for staff and gave me a lot of employment. While this was frustrating as we were trying to get numerous projects off the ground it helped us recover a little financially. The school has now employed some more staff and so Term 2 has allowed for us to really start getting focused on several projects.

One of the major challenges of the last three years has been Elyce's health. We still don't have a diagnosis on what it is exactly, however by your prayers and experimenting with diet and medicine, Elyce has been improving for the last three years! God has been so good during this time and we continue to rely on Him. Unfortunately April was a really bad month for Elyce's health, and we were stretched to keep going, but God is good and Elyce is getting better every day.

As for what projects we have been able to fit into a week thus far, here is a brief overview:

- 3 Bible study groups for high school students (boys, girls and senior)

- LOTS of cooking for the bible studies and home church

- A couple of social/sporting events to keep connected in with the town

- Jointly running a Sunday service at our home church

- Visiting other churches when energy permits

- Organising a monthly combined Church service on the beach (every denomination is invited)

- Pursuing relationships with people in town that God has highlighted to us

- Providing resources, assistance and leadership for a youth-led worship band

- Meeting with established missionaries

- Supporting our adopted Yolngu family

We have several projects still in the pipeline that we are unable to talk of until they are ready to launch, some of them are big, some complex due to cultural difference factors and some both. We look forward to letting you know all about them as soon as we can.

As always, please feel free to contact us via the website or send us an email (see the contact area above).

Grace and peace,


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