• Elyce Richards


Here are some videos and photos of Bukudal, this place of paradise! It is the homeland of our adopted family. Four generations have lived on this land since the Homeland Movement. Brayuwa is the oldest family member and leader. His father and mother and family walked on foot to this place with him when he was only two years old. For us, it takes three hours to drive!

You will also see the small island off the shore which has been affectionately name Brayuwa Island after him by the rest of the family.

The next oldest family member is Brayuwa's next brother Lolpungyi who has been organising the church services in Bukudal. We have been honoured to be included and able to visit on the weekends with the extended family and neighbouring homeland. We have been blessed by the gentle and quiet worship services as everyone sits in a circle, each bringing a word, song, or prayer.

The army style tents have been built on the homeland as a cultural education camp for school visits. My dhuway, Charmaine, is an excellent teacher! She finds just the right words to explain the concept, she is persistent and patient, and she thrives in the energy of being around people!

This is my wawa (brother) and Tim in the undercover area where we sometimes meet for church.

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