• Elyce Richards

Preparing Dinner

WARNING: Images may disturb some viewers. Video is of a kangaroo being gutted.

I completely understand that many people would find this video disturbing. I am sharing it because I found it incredibly interesting and was honoured that my Wawa (brothers) were eager to show me their skills. When you live off the land, this is part of the process. I have become comfortable with gutting fish, and have been eager to learn more the process of hunting. I used to ready the children's books 'Little House on the Prairie' that detail the butchering of animals, how is this any different?

I frequently laugh when it comes to hunting kangaroo. Thanks to the modern 4wd, it is very rare to go out looking for kangaroos. Hunting kangaroo just comes easily. When you drive 'the track' (the one main dirt road in and out of East Arnhem), it just happens. And thanks to the convenient bull bar, there is a very good place to keep one outside the vehicle when driving. Obviously, we are moving too fast for the flies to settle.

The following video shows how to gut a kangaroo. This kind of imagery is a part of every day life for children on homelands. You can hear Bella (three years old) squeal unpleasantly from the sudden smell of blood. On this particular night, we did not eat kangaroo. It went into the bag and then into the fridge to be cooked fur and all in an underground oven the next day. On this particular night, I ate turtle.

...just as our ancestors did.

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