• Elyce Richards

'Mind over Mattress'

Tim has always valued his morning devotional time. We have experienced some amazing times together as Tim has led us in prayer, worship, and Bible reading. The more regularly we are willing to submit to this, the more we have been experiencing the presence of God and hearing His voice specifically for our situation.

Recently, Tim has been getting up before the sun to go for a run in the cool of the day. His route takes him around the houses, and then up the steep hill of Mount Saunders (also known as 'Nhulun' for which Nhulunbuy is named). At the top of this mount, there is a lookout a couple of stories high where you can see a 360 degree view of the town, mine, beaches, and lagoon. It is here that Tim stops to pray for the community. It is here that Tim belts out worship for God over the community!

As one of the youth prophesied recently, "God wants us to PRAY, PRAY, PRAY!" Tim was encouraged. He shared with the group of boys how God had been leading him to pray for the community and casually said, "Well, this is what I have been doing. If anyone wants to pray with me to pray over the community, you will find me at the mount at 6:15am each morning."

And they came.

At first, one 13 year old came. He had recently received the gift of tongues and was eager to pursue God. His faith had become his own. The next day, two 13 year old boys came. Best friends, one with the gift of tongues and another with the gift of interpretation of tongues! What a power team they are!

Please join us as we pray for the community- for renewal, revival and reformation!

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