• Timothy Richards

From study to studio

James 4 has served as a great reminder to us while we have been planning what we will be doing this year. James teaches not to boast in your plans, but to recognise how dependant we are on God's provision. I have been particularly excited about a couple of ideas and projects that we have begun putting into action, but with so much still unknown and undone it is really good to remember that it is The Lord that makes our paths straight.

That being said, we have great hopes and plans for this year as we dive into language, culture, discipleship and apologetics. These will be some of the things we would like to explore as we create resources in the pictured studio. With the provision of the space from our team leaders, we are in the process of making the room acoustically suitable for audio recording. We shall keep you posted as things develop and we have greater clarity on which plans will be moving forward.

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