The Truck Project

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

You may have heard that we are saving for a truck!

What is the Truck for?

We feel strongly that the Lord has been calling us to an itinerant form of ministry as we work with the Yolngu Christians in discipleship and disciple-making. This work would involve building networks, encouraging, and resourcing Yolngu Christians while attempting to prevent dependency on us or other missionaries. We want to reach communities and homelands that do not have missionaries living there due to limited housing, remote access or other reasons. The itinerant model of ministry focuses on responding to invitations, making regular visits, following up, and instilling confidence in Yolngu Christians to be the Church where they are.

Why a Truck?

  1. Affordable Access - Chartering flights for each visit to a community or homeland is unrealistic and expensive as we focus on an itinerant model of ministry throughout East Arnhem Land.

  2. Safe Access and Exit - Owning our own vehicle allows us to visit or leave a community when needed and we will not be dependent on daylight or the availability of aircraft for travel. This is part of our Ministry Risk Management Plan for our family as we will be able to drive to obtain medical help in the case of an emergency.

  3. Portable Accommodation - We need our own space in a safe and easily accessible way while traveling with small children. Communities already have difficulty with extreme overcrowding and we do not want to be a burden. The onboard accommodation will provide a quick way to set up camp. The height and security of the truck will also provide a measure of safety from camp dogs, buffalo, snakes and/or crocodiles in different environments.

  4. Transporting Others- Crew-cab light rigid vehicles can seat 7 people which is enough for our family (including children in car seats) as well as other passengers. As we continue to build networks with and between Yolngu Christians, we want to provide transport to and from these ministry meetings. We value the time spent in travel together as powerful ministry time. We can no longer do this with our current vehicle.

What kind of Truck?

A crew-cab light rigid 4x4 truck with accommodation on the back.

Here is a link to a search that should have some examples (subject to current sales):

How will this Happen?

Owning a vehicle like this will dramatically increase our visits to Communities and Home Lands, while making each trip easier for us as a family. We recognise that even a second-hand vehicle like this is expensive. Complete with any additional modifications required, we estimate that the vehicle will cost upwards of $70k. To raise these funds, we are reliant on God's generosity through His people.

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