Adopted Family
We are simply amazed by our generous and loving adopted family. Last night we spent hours talking about all the family members and relationships with Charmaine our closest family member. She explains everything with such patience! We feel God's blessing to call these people our Malo (father), Nadi (mother), Wawa (brother) and Yapa (sister). 1 Timothy 5:1-2
New House!
Praise the Lord for His provision of a new house for us! It has a fantastic outdoor eating space with an outdoor sink. We cleaned up this glass topped table from the local tip and have had heaps of people over for Bible Studies and dinners. Praise God for giving us such a hospitable home!
New Fridge
We feel so blessed to own new appliances. We could not find any for sale in town and had to arrange for them to be shipped in from Darwin. We have never had new appliances before! This fridge is really big so we can continue to prepare lots of food for big gatherings. Praise God!
God keeps speaking to me about fish. When I saw this piece of artwork I was reminded of Jesus's words to become 'fishers of men'. The ocean and fresh waterways are filled with fish. It is a sign of both God's call and His provision. I love this painting because the fish are gathered together around the plant with leaves. In this I see God drawing all people towards Life. He is good!
Sailing Club
After so many years of having chronic fatigue-like symptoms, I just can't believe how much healing God has given me! Some days I look back and am surprised that I finally feel 'normal' again. Joining the sailing club last year was a huge answer to prayer. I had to wait and pray for nearly 12 months to feel ready for the challenge. Now I can sail really fast with the wind and I praise God for what He has done.
Army of God by Stephen Gartlan
This piece of prophetic artwork was created and posted to us by our very good friend 'G' Stephen Gartlan. It has been a source of encouragement as it reminds us that we are not alone. The blood of Jesus protects us like a shield.
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